Design Museum

Our startup team surveyed the design museum from 1F and every basement floor, talking to each other and enjoying it.

A few years ago, I worked at the International Tourism Industries, which is a story about an airline company inside, and it’s exciting refill water of bottle and an environment-friendly tray from the Design Museum. The flight always starts and serves food to customers between 1 and 2 hours. Concentration is crucial because it is a hectic time. Time and efficiency are essential when using plastic trays. If you use an environment-friendly tray, it is more time-efficient and gives your employees more rest. Later on, If the airline company try to realise, all cabin crew make use of an environment-friendly tray with refill water of bottle that these are more efficient now than 1decades ago. Besides, trash is not a burden because these are recycled. Earth is getting polluted, and scientists and researchers are always thinking about this. As well as, We also were showing to presentation to the audience of interested in 2 the designs self- driving shuttle bus gacha with mega switch in the class.

Also, The exhibition that I was interested in is Mars. Step into a full- scale Mars Home, immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of the landscape and learn how rethinking daily life for a zero-waste, clean energy-powered civilisation might help future generations on Earth.

“Could we grow crops on the earth among mars in the future?” It is; definitely, the earth and Mars have something in common, so I gave an example. To solve this problem, we have to bring the mars soil within the mars and to do experiment with it. It is said that the day when humans settle on the moon after Mars is approaching. One of the major problems facing the country and private companies is ensuring food safety and availability if these are the realities that will be coming soon.

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