Challenge for the first week

I was so excited when I first started this module. When I first saw the D&AD briefing, I wondered what the context was.
I was struggling with how to do it. It is to select within a few briefings and show my overall process. We learned about the D&AD contest, and there were given new values, branding, campaigning, advertising, and prizes for each country.

  • Suppose you opened a cafe.

The wall of the store looks empty so that we will hang a frame. The frame can be a captivating phrase or a painting with eyes on it. I think people will like our cafe better if I hang this. Now I have to buy a frame.

What should I do? First, I search for ‘frames’ on the Internet web site that is online store. Numerous frames are searched that the colours, shapes and prices vary widely. It is challenging to choose easily. It seems more difficult not to see the structure in person. So I go to a nearby department store to see and buy it. For example, there are many frames at department stores that have everything except for John Lewis & Partners. A few products of moderate price range and design stand out. But it is on my mind to pick it up all of a sudden. I am sure it is still hanging in the store, but should not anyone buy or something easy to buy?

  • Why do not we hang a unique frame?

This time, we are going to visit high-end framed stores, including Antique products. As expected, there are lovely frames. The price is also high. Let us compare which one will cry more. Finally, hang the frame that you brought carefully on the wall. People will remember you longer because you walked this beautiful frame. But is it the right choice? I rarely choose them with such care. In many cases, choose a simple, neat style frame with a reasonable price range, not too much of a trend. The idea is that it just has to go well with the contents which will go into the frame without any is because the frame is considered to be only one of many props. Let is change the situation. What should we do if there are two stores instead of one?

More than that, 10 places, 100 places, and 1,000 places in the future? Your head will roll a little differently from now on. If you choose the way you want it, each store will have a different colour frame. As soon as you imagine 1,000 places. Even you start to see the distractions you did not know when you had one. I feel like at least every store should be the same. Then, should we do the same? Naturally, visitors should have ‘something they would like.’ But what do people like this? Would it be better to be simple? Do you want something fancy? What colour would be useful?

I reckon that went back to the agony of buying the first one of frame. Imagining to 1,000 frame are not only one, but also what my client sees and even the slightest thing is to realize that any ‘standard’ is necessary. Only places with their standards and moving in detail become places where people remain in their minds for a long time. It is required and essential to imagine for 1,000 frame that is not only one frame because it is the first time to brand.

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