Advantages learned in briefs and the branding scheme

Many brands and marketing-related books advise you to ‘define your customers accurately and narrowly’. But do companies know their customers correctly? If the product and brand are finally at the site of the meeting with the customer, it is possible to see if it is true or not. The reason why I talked about branding strategy and marketing is that the selling point in my brief is also essential.

  • When I plan branding with Brief, I feel that it is related not only to today’s work but also to the ‘future’ work.
  • When I did the branding, I realized that I had to have an apparent reason.

Recently in Korea, each brand has been working hard to open and operate flagship stores. The flagship store is a term that means ‘headquarters’. For example, it is a place that shows the best things in the best way, as if it were raising a flag. As such, it is a place where they have to satisfy their core customers. There are New York, London, Paris, all over the world.
Competition among flagship stores is fierce in central areas such as Garosu-gil and Myeong-dong in Korea. If the look at the scene, which brand will last a long time. You can see at once which brand will face a crisis. How do you treat your customers with sincerity? Or it is because I can see how they lack the mindset to treat customers.

Villa de Mûrir Beauty Flagship Store, Garosu-gil, Seoul, South Korea

Many brands spend vast amounts of money, time and effort to create offline spaces where they meet customers in person, but those who like their brands don’t have so much space to impress them suitably. Companies think that if products are well grouped and displayed by category, it will be a place to show customers’ lifestyles.

Image courtesy of Lush

For instance, not really. You can purchase it online, you can buy it at a supermarket, but you can not come there without ‘other expectations’ Because there are The ‘different expectations’ it is not many products. Instead of what should be focused on is creating a single image that customers will take when they leave the door in store. People do not have multiple images in one space. It is only the greed of the supplier to hope for it. Somewhat, it weakens the image of the brand.

If you have decided on an image that will remind you of my brand and my store, you should also think about what kind of emotion I am connected to the image of the bike I work on, the image associated with an electric bike. Depending on each brand’s pursuit of iron, such as pleasure, freshness, excitement, comfort, and surprise, what emotions will be left to customers will be different. Still, images that do not produce feelings will not work. In short, it is a success if the customer’s attitudes change when they enter and leave the store.

When I make scheming an electronic bicycle, what kind of customer is a young to over 35 years old over, what kind of values do you have, and what kind of fun do you want to have? Why? Are you trying to use an electronic bicycle? In this way, we need to set the scope of our customers and create a moving image that they will like. This image of emotion is this.

For example, if you are invited to a wedding, why do you dress up with all your heart? It is to show your congratulations so that your opponent can know. The same goes for products and services. People open their hearts to those who ‘show’ their focus. It is why not only products and companies that have been loved for a long time but also companies that have started their business online, focus on offline stores. It is because there is no way to have brand power as much as to make them experience how devoted they are in the field of close contact with people.

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