PDP Connected Brief

My goal to achieve in the current situation in England may be challenging, but I am satisfied by using this plan every day. And my PDP has changed a lot now. But I will use it when I start a startup later, and I will also use it at work. I learned Photoshop and illustration through this PDP. Usually, students have learned all these skills in their previous work. Still, I think there are many shortcomings because I majored in international tourism management and worked in at the reception in a hotel.

But I started by specifying the PDP plan. First, learn basic Photoshop and then make a bicycle image. Second, learn illustration programs. After that, my sketches and drawings began. And I started to get feedback from Korean international students on how to use bicycles and plans for Korean cities. Some of my friends learned to brand, and I discussed the basics of branding, why to do branding. And our country is riding a bike difficulty due to it is a problem using the bicycle road and sometimes, bad condition of the bike parking area.

Thus, how could you make the bike pick up feel brandished, and how can you use your identity to sell the fun of bike heater and the city is based in Korea. And I think it’s important to understand these questions. And I thought a lot about whether I should choose a regular bicycle and plan it or use an electric bike. Because from 2020, electric bicycles will be commercialized in Korea, although the cost is a little high.
You may find it interesting if the rider goes up to a higher place or speeds up faster although it can only speed up to 20 kilometres.

9 Brand Design Elements

I also came up with an idea to come up with a logo that can symbolize Korea. It is “Taegeuk,” the national flag of Korea. Of course, animals and icons are cute, and tourists who used to be Koreans like it, but this is too general. The “Taegeuk” shape is unique to Korea, and although there is a similar shape in China, the colour and meaning are very different.

I also have an idea if someone wants my bike brand to be delivered to people in some sense that I have to choose a colour, light, pattern, etc. that fits are meaning. I do not think that it is unusual. I think it is more of a stereotype that people have them. The better you use it, the more reliable and more continuous I can fall into it, the branding to elements.

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