A face tense with first brief

what clues lie in your brief, and how to utilise them to make your ideas stand out.

I have a reason why I chose VBAT & Superunion brief and have used freely of exact to what I need to implement in my brief on YouTube. when people go to riding a bike public ornamental grounds in metropolitan areas in Seoul city, usually it is because it is a good place for relaxation. Living in a modern and fast paced city can be very stressful for people to find time to relax in a garden’s environment. moreover, people also ride a bike and go to metropolis gardens for outdoor activities and events. As an illustration, some couples hold their wedding or reception in gardens for the calming and and refreshing nature. As well as, flower yards in metropolis ares offer a good place to ride a bike. For one things, kids are taken here to run around with ride a bicycle during weekends in Seoul.

However, as I first encountered branding in Korea, I found that it was not difficult to find a place to use a bicycle and service in Korea. Still, it was difficult for foreigners to use it, which is something travellers can use and have difficulty with. I was confident that if I did this branding and realistically assuming that I was doing business, I would have good results.

In the case of bicycle service offered in Seoul, there is only one place provided by the government, and not many people use it. Due to the majority of Koreans has cars and using every day. For sure, children and young people use bicycles. In the case of a new electric bike around 2019, it is in place, and people are trying to use it for comfort. At first, it was to think about how to brand a bicycle in Seoul and sell it to customers.

When you find an image to remember your brand well and repeat and maintain it, it stays in people’s memory for a long time. It is why companies are working hard to develop visual strategies today. Now not only businesses but also the general public is well aware of the importance of images. For example, if a company made a bicycle plan for tourists, it would make a logo and decide the colour of its theme. There is because you can only survive if you leave a definite impression on people. The problem is that the image of the bicycle is not ‘sufficiently’ formed than I thought. The reason for this is that the image you set is not ‘universality’.

Simply, customers choose not the colour of a bicycle that looks good to them, but the colour of a bike that only looks good to them. I think we all have different tastes. There are more times when you feel and think alike. People quickly judge whether they like or dislike the information they receive through five senses.

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