Effective communication

It would be easier to create the core of content when designing a presentation or writing an email or letter. For example, How do I make it? What flow is meaningful? And What is the most important thing for potential customers? If time or space permits, what aspects should be included, and what factors are optional? However, once draft communication is completed, it takes a step back. It considers the total package it wants to deliver to the reader or audience and carefully decides how to start.

The reason why I get nervous when I give a presentation is that I want to do well. It is necessary to prepare your speech meticulously. Still, as soon as it acts as an obsession that meticulousness should be done perfectly well. It turns into negative energy and begins to lose confidence.

The secret of unshakable confidence is ‘self-esteem’. Self-esteem is a key factor in restoring confidence. It will be a durable prop for every moment of self-speech. When do you feel most nervous when you give a presentation? It is a day before I prepare how to say in a coherent manner when I do a brief on the module. I did my best, though I was not satisfied, with this module and distributed it by referring to this. Some things are needed. I want to brand my city bike scheme.

According to The School of Life (2018) Diplomacy is an art that developed from the very beginning to deal with the problems of relations between countries. We always associate the term “diplomacy” with embassies, international relations and high politics, but in practice, it refers to a set of skills. Equipment, especially in many parts of daily life, outside the keyed doors of offices and landing areas and loved ones’ rooms. Diplomacy is a technique that advances ideas or causes without unnecessarily stimulating passion or causing disaster. It includes an understanding of many aspects of human nature that can undermine consensus and cause conflict, and a commitment to eliminate them with foresight and grace.

I did my best, though I was not satisfied, with the presentation, by referring to this in this module. Some things are needed. I want to brand my brief Based on this, and I would like to express clearly how the term “diplomacy” is described in my daily life, especially in my presentation, not just in an embassy and international relations.


The School of Life (2018) ‘Adaptability’ in The Emotionally Intelligent Office: 20 Key Emotional Skills for the Workplace. London: The School of Life, pp. 713-716


Song, J. (2020) ‘Experiencing the creative industries’ [PowerPoint presentation]. BS7709: Experiencing the Creative Industries (Professional Practice). Available at http://studyspace.kingston.ac.uk (Accessed 30 March 2020).

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