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I learned a lot through this module with ten briefs. Whatever the result, it is a new challenge for me. Before, I never know anything about branding, and every time I tried that have felt the limit to do work one day in this module, but I tested my limits whole working at this module as well. Also, I have made presentations by other speakers, and giving feedback is a process of developing my ideas. Through the D&AD contest, this will help my future, and if I hire a designer when I start my own business later on. I can clearly see how to explain it by pointing out that it is branding for the new designer with benefit the what is the leader the necessary and sufficient condition.

According to Dweck (2012) that I wanted to be a prince, be a very handsome and successful person, and it would take years for me to be satisfied. Nothing is easy, but why am I satisfaction. She and his colleague were eager to prove his ability among PhD students, while others were trying to understand if they could learn. It is stated that there are two abilities to this; one is the fixed ability to be proved, and the other is the transformable ability to develop through learning. My tendency belongs to the latter other one is transformable ability to grow, and I studied learning.

Fundamental values create branding strategies.

Everyone is instinctively attracted to “looks good” (Rangju, 2016) and that is why it is so fashionable. Because it is expensive, the quality of the product is good, because it is advertised a lot etc. The key to what looks good lies in the value hidden inside is not in appearance. The word “looks good” that we often use. There is more to it than pleasant to see. There is a value side of the word “good.” Thus, it is imperative to get to the heart of this. The branding strategy also depends on its core values. For instance, Some department stores are fancy, and some are neat, even if they are in the same department stores. Some department stores put up the value of selling the best items, also if they are expensive, and all the goods are sold without any department stores.

Altstiel, Grow and Jennings (2019) in them interesting analysis of values that are important to each other are different. Depending on the core value, the logo of the department store, the primary colours of the department store, the way the items are displayed, the colour temperature of the lighting, and the design of the employee’s uniforms will be different. It is this module that I have run, and there is a professional practice process between them individually.

The strategy is entirely different depending on the core value. Only then can I find my answers and grab my customers in my own way. It is not just for big department stores, and it needs value. Even there is a small shop in a neighbourhood alley. also, they should have with its core value. Above all, consumers demand it. The days of choosing things according to price, size and fame are gone.

It is all the more so in a society where the economic structure has entered a mature stage. The more mature organisation is, the more it goes from a corporation that used to consume standardised products to a society that consumes more and more individualised and self-proclaimed products. It is turning into an organisation that looks for what fits its lifestyle. I should be more careful in finding ways to deliver your value to your customers.

The Three Importance of Design Management and the Power to Realise Branding

The importance of design management is by (Best, 2015) demonstrates this by three fundamental things are creativity and innovation and design and they will be follow;

  1. Creativity is a new idea for the stuff. looking at the problem or other new ways at the discovery of the new chances.
  2. Innovation is a new idea for exploitation it is new product concept to make special products of ways of acting the business.
  3. Design is innovation with links to what is the creative ideas to its specific ideas that become attractive planning for users among consumers.

These are the reasons why branding works well. What I always felt while I was doing brief is that if you think about it very deeply, the concepts could be in the other direction. For example, if you try to shape bicycle branding, however, just focusing on the only city and what does misunderstand for the branding. it will be wrong ways because the ideas are not easy to think of, they give up or get closer to other subjects.

However, I want to clarify the brand concept and explain clearly one example to a Korean buffet that I did with a bicycle scheme branding and similar to there is famous in these days a Korean food buffet called “Nature Kitchen” in Korea. It is a Korean buffet. “The “Nature Kitchen” is an early success, and this factor is…” by Business Korea (2015).

It is good food and low price. Notably, the food needs a more delicate strategy because 80 per cent of the food is eaten with the eyes. These words are written on the wall of the “The King’s Table with all in the delicacies foods of the place.” of the Korea.

Nature Kitchen is Korean food buffet restaurant of branding image A
Nature Kitchen is Korean food buffet restaurant of branding image B

There is the concept of “Nature Kitchen,” in which you can taste Korean food all over the in only one place. And then my experience that my brother and wife came to Korea from Paris for a month. So my family ate food here. In retrospect, branding was the best. It was a buffet that you can never go unless you are make a reservation and it was low in price.

The picture is following, the buffet table where the food is placed also uses a pot(brown colours traditional Korean style an earthen pot) to differentiate. Two large containers were placed on both ends, and a wooden board was placed on top of it, and the lights on the buffet table were made of large and small pots (brown colours traditional Korean style an earthen pot)styles. Through the use of materials, this place has been used more actively than colour or pattern. I can see how tenaciously they tried to imprint their brand and its core concept on the consumer. Materials are used more aggressively than colours or patterns and may lack as much intensity as they are specific (Rangju, 2016).

According to Visocky O’Grady, J and Visocky O’Grady, K (2017) that these focus on students understanding creative thinking, necessary behaviour and culture in this module class that I experienced. Based on feedback, tested and improve design solutions like actual users. I am aware that this is a significant part of my business in the future. Besides, according to Osterwalder et al (2014) is a value proposition design method that how am my result of it could successfully to complete to regarding my brief. One approach (Person-First Design) among to creative team, for example, provides a context for how customers who use it will encounter or interact with each other to help classmate understand and improve the brief. The test the user (Tourist) design solution actually to use it for me by ‘A brand a bike hire scheme in your city’.

Lastly, I can design value propositions more effectively so that I can easily understand the value proposition and pattern of value creation and use business models to help clients achieve the essential tasks, benefits, work. Using the experience and skills of the team who used to work in the hotel, I have a strategic conversation in my way, and I practice creatively.

To reduce the risk of adjustment and failure is the critical things underlying business ideas that should not be tested unconditionally. But, instead of that to what is the shape new ideas, which are suitable for this task and will be able to supplement things that will help me run a business and then it is the best step in my ability to make a materialising for branding scheme also, will be a valuable foundation for adding this to my own work as well.


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